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Address: Pušyno g. 9, Radailiai, Klaipėda district.


Dinosaur Park opens December 7th.

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Have a THEME birthday for your kids at DINO.LT RADAILIAI DINOSAUR PARK

Your child’s birthday is a special event and the best option is to have the best experience for the kids without parents having to put too much effort.


DINO.LT Radailiai Dinosaur Park offers to contribute to this beautiful event of your child’s life and help to organise the celebration!

What is included into the price?

  • A ticket to DINO.LT RADAILIAI DINOSAUR PARK, which enables to use the park entertainment facilities all day long with no limits;

  • Space for your celebration for an unlimited time;

  • A chosen programme of up to 1.5 h;

  • Balloon modelling;

  • Beauty and tattoo studio services;

  • Mini photo shoot;

  • A diploma and a gift to the birthday person.


150 €

* Up to 12 children + 1-2 adults.


Extra tickets for child or adult: € 7.50


* You can bring your own cake, you will find all other food with us. :) 


Catering. In addition, you can order snacks, desserts and drinks for the celebration guests.


Food can be served at DINO.LT Park, in the same celebration space (gazebo, at the tables) or you can move to the Radailiu Dvaras restaurant, where you will be served a table with snacks and drinks.



You don't have to be a pirate to enjoy a treasure hunt. The dinosaurs have hidden some treasure too!

It is also namely them, who will give you clues, where to find it. Yet don't think that the task is a piece of cake!

Dinosaurs don't give up their secrets that easy, you need to ask not only the right dinosaur, bet also answer the questions and do the tasks they tell you.

When you find the treasure, you can share it with your friends, while the children's entertainer will give you and your guests true treasure hunters’ tattoos or paint anything you like on your face!



DINO.LT RADAILIAI DINOSAUR PARK hosts many dinosaurs and each of them have something to tell. For your birthday we will invite a dinosaur friend, who will introduce you to each of the dinosaurs.

When you find out what the dinosaurs hide in their minds, you’ll have to run, sing, clap or even hide. But you will get all the details, when you hear the tale.

And the crown of the tale is a visit to the bubble kingdom, where you will not only find out where bubbles come from, but also learn to blow huge soap bubbles.

And when you’ve become the true citizens of the bubble land, you’ll have to pick your Bubble Princess or Bubble Prince.



Probably all of us have wondered at least once how wonderful it would be to become a celebrity.

During your birthday celebration you’ll feel like in the HOLLYWOOD.

We will decorate the children's faces with colourful face paint, come up with a scenario and then make a movie about the participants of the celebration, featuring the incredible dinosaurs!


The entire scenario will be implemented and filmed and, when the movie is done, we will give it to the birthday organisers.



There’s a legend that once the dinosaur park had been a jungle, entrusted with the dinosaur mystery.

Nobody has yet managed to find it out, but the dinosaur park expert has found a note, hidden in an old bottle.

He is sure that it must be a clue to the mystery, but needs a cool team to help him find it out! For this adventure you will need a compass, a map and even a rope and some stones.

The dinosaur expert has already collected all the equipment and all he needs now is a team. Perhaps it’s the guests of your birthday?



Not all of the dinosaurs are as brave as the T-Rex. Sometimes they need defending from marauders or other bad guys.

So, the DINO.lT park needs a hero to defend the dinosaurs.

After some super hero training, the new heroes will truly need to defend the dinosaurs against the bad guys!

Sounds like a work for a team and their leader.